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What is eCommerce? In a few words, eCommerce is the process of selling and buying services and products on the internet and mobile applications. It is predicted that Ecommerce will replace traditional brick and mortar stores as newer applications and secure online transactions develop. In addition, eCommerce allows businesses to sell their products and services on a global scale, 24-hours a day and 365 days of the year. ECommerce is not limited to B2C (business to consumers) only, but also extends to B2B (business to business). With the acceptance of online purchasing by more consumers, eCommerce is here to stay and will eventually surpass the revenue of traditional stores. Secure payment methods and stronger payment systems are helping to grow confidence among online buyers. We will help you to set-up your secured online store to help your business grow.

Online stores


Do you dream with owning an online store, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you think that you need thousands and thousands of dollars to start selling online? We are here to dispel that notion. We offer consulting services to help guide our clients on how to start their business online. Let Singular Websites help you start your business online with realistic strategies to reach your goals.

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Every day more and more people buy their products online. ECommerce is a growing business revolution. It is estimated that eCommerce will generate about $4.8 trillion in retail sales. Businesses embracing an online presence are expected to experience a rapid growth. The increased use of mobile devises opens unlimited possibilities to reach your potential buyers wherever they are. To access this important source of potential revenue, businesses need to implement sound online marketing strategies that include a well-designed and functional online store, as well as well-planned marketing strategies. Singular Websites will design your eCommerce or Shopify online store to help you reach your customers.


Your online store has specific needs and dynamics to function is a seamless manner. From product description to inventory, your store must fulfill your buyers’ expectations. There is nothing more disappointing to an online customer than to not find the product he or she is looking for at your store. Managing your online store can be time-consuming. Let us help manage your online store for you!


One of the most important elements of your online store, is its capacity to personalize and engage your customers. Compared to traditional brick and mortar stores, you do not have the opportunity to meet your clients “face to face.” Your online store will be the only interface your customer will have to evaluate your services and products. For this reason, we focus on providing the best experience for users that visit your store by providing an online store that is easy to navigate and hassle-free check-out once the customer is done shopping . We turn your visitors into loyal returning customers!


Do you have the products to sell but your images need some touch-up? Or do you have the products
but not images for your store catalog? Don’t worry, our team will work with you to produce high quality images of your products.


A high-quality online store presents its products in an organized and easy to follow manner. Product images play a crucial role for online stores. Slow loading, or non-optimized images could drive your customers away, never to return! We optimize your images to help your store be more efficient and to provide your users confidence in your services and products.


Your customer is looking for a great product and you have it! Everything looks promising until your potential buyers starts looking at your product more closely! A detailed product description, with easy to find information and details will help your customer hit “add to cart.” On the other hand, confusing or incomplete information about your product or service may be the end of the deal. Singular Websites will help you write compelling optimized product descriptions or help you edit your existing ones to assist the customer in making an informed decision.